The spraying technique...

It is as simple as it is ingenious: The air-flow doesn´t meet a homogeneous paint-discharge at nozzle´s outlet-as in most other sprayguns. Metacap® -sprayguns operate with a jet-needle-nozzle - a wind-tunnel inside the needle - with 2 break-edges. That means: There is only one neddle-nozzle-set !

The additional air in the center of the paint-flow, which is discharged from a circular opening inside the nozzle between 2 seperate air-flows, supports atomization and produces an exceptional good finish.


Technical Values

Operating Pressure   3-6 bar (43-87 psi) at an airvolume of min. 300 lit / min
Air-jacket   Air jacketed paint-flow is effective within a distance of max. 20 cm
Nozzle   Tho AKKORD jet-needle-nozzle (tube-needle) with 2 breakedges is steplessly adjustable (ZOOM) for all nozzle-sizes between 0,5 - 3,6mm Ø
Working speed   Betwwen 40m² und 100m²
at ca. 40µ and viscosity
20-30 sec./FORD-cup 4mm Ø

The spraying technique

Billowing clouds of overspray and waste of material are an annoyance for every paint-sprayer, forcing him, to wear a paint-mask. The special airstream-technique of the METACAP®-spraygun grants a targeted paint-delivery. At this low-pressure spraygun atomization by means of it´s jet-neele-nozzle with 2 break-edges, is exceptionally good. All common paints and vanishes can be used.

The jet-needle is infinitely variable (ZOOM) between 0,5 and 3,6ø.

Metacap Models

The cleaning procedure

The METACAP® cleaning-system SRG is the solution to the known problem:

Where to dispose of the remaining paint and solvent ? Simply connect the spraygun´s head tospecially the designed SRG-Container and spray the material remains for reuse, or envirenmentally save disposal.


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