Manufacturing of paint-spray equipment.

The present manager, Gerhard W. Schickhardt, founded this enterprise 1987 for the purpose of manufacturing a spraygun, developed by himself, which keeps the paint-flow inside an air-jacket, thus probibiting spray-mist.

Originating form shipping, G.W. Schickhardt had started the development of a mistless spraygun already 1970, as during maintanance-work on and inside vessels, spray-mist was a very awkward annoyance (and still is!).

The enterprise produces the sprayguns in Lübeck, where at present 9 employees are occupied.

Most of the required parts for the sprayguns are delivered by special subcontractors, partly by own production, and also the assembling is done in Lübeck.

Beside manually operated sprayguns of different types, the enterprise produces paint-spray facilities and automatic sprayguns, the cleaning system SRG and other accessories.

All METACAP sprayguns are suitable for working with a very wide range of viscosities, by using their special nozzle with its stepless adjustable diameters, i.e. wax for furniture-industry

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Fabrikation farbspritztechnischer Geräte
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